Joshua O'Neill


May — August

Gentrack IPO

Gentrack is a software company based out of Auckland, providing software to power companies, water providers and, more recently, airports. Competing with major international companies like Oracle, Gentrack needed funding to grow further its impressive products.

This Initial Public Offering document helped them to do just that. Working with David Storey as Design Director and Brian Slade as Creative director, I was able to visually communicate exactly what it was that Gentrack did, to an audience who consisted of a majority who had never heard of one of our country’s most prolific tech companies.

Project completed at Insight Creative.


Gentracg_ir_cover1 Gentracg_ir_spread2 Gentracg_ir_spread3 Gentracg_ir_spread4

Miro Capital

Miro Capital is a new consultancy set up by the former Head of Equity Capital Markets. The name was chosen in honour of New Zealand’s native conifer tree.

The miro tree has distinctively red berries, so it was a natural choice for the colour palette to be oriented around this. The sprig of the plant was chosen as a graphic, as a metaphor for the client’s new beginning, and growth.

A botanical line drawing of the miro tree was chosen for its reference to the personal approach that Miro has with its clients,  and was paired with a simple “M” to act as a secondary device, adding a subtlety to the strong and simple treatment of the lettering in the logo.

Work completed at Insight Creative.

2014 Best Award Finalist.

Miro 1 Miro 8 Miro 7 Miro 6 Miro 5 Miro 4 Miro 3 Miro 2

Scales IPO

Scales is New Zealand’s largest grower and exporter of apples, and also touches many other areas of our primary industries with their large network of coldstores and liquid storage.

Under creative direction from Brian Slade, and with David Storey as design director, we sought a visual approach that clearly demonstrated the rather complex vertical integration that Scales employs, and emphasise to potential investors Scales’ firm position as one of New Zealand’s leading agri-businesses.

The cover featured a spot UV scale pattern, mimicking the waxy feel of an apple.

Project completed at Insight Creative.



Scales 1 Scales 4 Scales 3 Scales 2