Joshua O'Neill


January — April

Butterfield Construction

Butterfield Construction is a family owned construction business in Christchurch.

The concept was a monogram inspired from the framing of a house, twisted into shaping the letters “B” and “C”. It also has evocations of a stained glass window, and when rotated a rounded picket fence. There’s a strong structural air to it, but there’s an organic feel to the shapes. This is an important element, as the name “Butterfield” throws up pictures of meadows and flowers. As it is a family business, having an identity that is relatable to nature reinforces this openness and approachability. Key attributes for a company that is working on peoples’ homes.

Butterfield 1 Butterfield 2


Illustrations for T-shirts to be sold by Christchurch coffee institution C1. The brief was to select a local suburb and illustrate it.

St Albans features the severed head of Saint Alban, and Merivale a poke at the vacuous culture that is the central suburb.

C1 1 C1 2


Rubble is a small art retailer that has sprung up in Christchurch post-earthquake as a means for exposing the unique local art to the rest of New Zealand.

Rubble is a Phoenix of sorts, amongst the debris and desolation is something artistically valid and purposeful. The typemark is simple and clear, which originated as the slab serif Rockwell. Stripping away the blocky slabs and polishing the letters into their current state is a direct remark towards this “Phoenix” idea; fully realising the irony of the name.

The period at the end is a subtle inclusion of a brick icon. It adds a certain shortness to how the word is read, making it more abrupt, and this abruptness fits tonally with what Rubble stands for: quality. There’s no fuss, it’s clear and to the point.

The additional graphic element gave the client a motifto use which could be used in as scattered or tight a manner as required.

The client handled their own output.

Rubble 1 Rubble 2