Joshua O'Neill


May — August

Expression Tattoo & Gallery

Expression is the next thing from talented tattoo artist Elias Tyro, a friend from our time at art school. When approached to create an identity for his soon-to-open tattoo parlour & art gallery, we managed this. Modern and crisp, allowing the work coming an going from the New Regent St space to speak for itself.

Expression-Logo Expression-1 Expression-2

Coo Coo

Website for Coo Coo, a boutique branding, marketing, communications, strategy and web agency. They cover a lot of ground. Full site can be viewed here. Website built by kobweb.

Coocoo-1 Coocoo-2 Coocoo-3


I was approached by Edesia, a restaurant focused on quality fare and great wine, to create a new brand identity for them. We went with clean and simple, the emphasis being on fine craftsmanship.

Edesia-Logo Edesia-1

Chambers Sessions

Chambers Sessions are a series of performances featuring monthly at the Chambers 241 art gallery. Local and out of town acts play to a seated and subdued crowd, there to listen. These are promotional posters created for the events.

Chambers-2 Chambers-3 Chambers-4 Chambers-5

Shirley Volleyball

An identity for Christchurch volleyball club, Shirley. The identity pulls from historical European football clubs, with respect for the past and a nod to the present.

Shirley-Volleyball-Logo Shirley-Volleyball-1 Shirley-Volleyball-2 Shirley-Volleyball-3

Indigo Wolf

“Apha, Beta, Delta, Delta” artwork for Christchurch band Indigo Wolf, a raucous and exciting ensemble of crazy people. They write some good tunes.

Indigo-Wolf-1 Indigo-Wolf-2 Indigo-Wolf-3

Chirny Coffee

Typemark and coffee bean illustration for Chirny Coffee, a young roaster based in Christchurch.

Chirny-Logo Chirny-1 Chirny-2 10155029_732484843471215_9199870976555124097_n

Joseph & Maia

New Zealand music darlings, Joseph & Maia, requested artwork for several shows around NZ, and a cover for the ensuing digitally released EP. Illustrations by John William Edy.

Joseph-And-Maia-1 Joseph-And-Maia-2 Joseph-And-Maia-3 Joseph-And-Maia-4