Joshua O'Neill


January — April

Mike Hewson

Christchurch/Sydney based artist Mike Hewson approached me to create a website that displays his work. Starkly white, it shows his work with minimal visual interference.

View full site here.

Website built by Greg Brown.

Mike-Hewson-1 Mike-Hewson-2 Mike-Hewson-3

BBC Contracting

BBC Contracting is a Christchurch based construction firm, specialising in Earthquake repairs.

Website built by kobweb.

BBC-Logo BBC-2 1307_BBC_VanSignage BBC-1

Tom Lark

Poster for Tom Lark + Indigo Wolf show at Chambers 241.

1304 Tom Lark and Indigo Wolf FA

Birds on Branches

Illustration for a wedding invitation.


Student Volunteer Army

Canterbury Earthquake cleanup heroes, the Student Volunteer Army, wanted a more professional identity to convey their progression into community issues surrounding students. The graphic references their history while moving forward into their exciting future.

Student-Volunteer-Army-Logo Student-Volunteer-Army-Logo-1 Student-Volunteer-Army-Logo-2 Student-Volunteer-Army-Logo-3 Student-Volunteer-Army-Logo-4

That Mexican Guy

A humble foodtruck, outside Volstead Trading Co. is where you will find That Mexican Guy. A pop-up food stall, a quirky and interesting identity was required.

That-Mexican-Guy-Logo That-Mexican-Guy-1 That-Mexican-Guy-2 That-Mexican-Guy-3


NVader is an organisation that has set out to end human trafficking. The website acts to raise awareness of the great issue that is human trafficking.

View full site here.

Completed while at Beck & Caul.

NVader-1 NVader-2 NVader-3

Rent. Party. Club.

Posters for RPC, an experimental music initiative set up in Christchurch to expand upon a burgeoning music scene.

Parsley,Sage,Rosemary&Tynesdale RPC-1

Chambers Sessions

Posters for the first two Chambers Sessions, a series of performances featuring monthly at the Chambers 241 art gallery. Local and out of town acts play to a seated and subdued crowd, there to listen.

Chambers-1 Chambers-2 Chambers-1